maharishi’s Autumn Winter 2013 collection is based on the modern day Prepper, a pacifist group who prepare for a future where our basic food and energy needs may not be provided by the state or private enterprise following economic or societal collapse, a solar flare hitting the earth and wiping out electricity grids, a polar shift or anyone of a myriad of possible apocalyptic events. These enlightened souls no longer bury tinned foods in bunkers that would require guns for protection and are rather becoming experts in hunting and gathering techniques as well as ┬ánutritious food seed storage and awareness of how to grow food quickly, using bio-dynamic faring practices which consider the subtle energetics of living water and the lunar effect.

maharishi’s camouflage DPM pattern this season is a photo real rendition of an English Oak forest infused with bright red edible berries, referencing the hi visibility colours included in many hunting patterns. Several US states outlawed non hi-vis camo for hunting (as a result of so many fatal hunting accidents where hunters successfully hide from fellow hunters and get caught in the cross fire!). With so much of the prey being colour blind, the orange and hi-vis layer in the patterns is only visible to humans.

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