Far from the metropolis lie the dislocated hinterlands and remote wildernesses that support the mechanizations of modern living. The ‘Unknown Fields Division’ – probes the fertile territory between nature, technology and culture to explore our contemporary condition through critical acts of speculation. They map the complex and contradictory realities of the present as a site of strange and extraordinary futures.

The Division is a nomadic design studio embarking on expeditions to explore these unreal and forgotten places, techno-landscapes, alien terrains and obsolete ecologies. The otherworldly sites we encounter afford us a distanced viewpoint from which to survey the consequences of emerging environmental and technological scenarios.

It is a cyclical landscape of natural and artificial time. Alaskan Inuits, informed by ancestral memories of their environments and its patterns, embrace the uncertainties of the future with a deep belief in their own adaptability. Meanwhile, environmental scientists attempt to assemble their observations into climate models in order to predict the future as precisely as possible.

Caught between improvisation and premeditation these cultural relationships to landscape and time will define the future of the North and in turn our cities beyond.  Here in the darkness we are explorers in time. We draw on the rich uncertainty of this territory, speculating on possible futures, rewriting histories and altering the present. In this landscape we examine the Unknown Fields between cultivation and nature and spin cautionary tales of a new kind of wilderness.

Products pictured include the Reflective Glass Bead 3M Jacket, maharishi x Palladium Tactical Boot and the DPM: Desert Hex Emperors Parka. Available in-store and online here.